At Banyan Bay Villas  we offer many activities for you and your family to enjoy. There is a common room for guests to sit and relax, read one of the many books on offer, watch T.V or movies on a flat screen, play games or use internet. We also offer babysitting.
Banyan Bay Villas have motorbikes and kayaks for rent. There are longtail boat trips to the surrounding islands of Koh Phi phi,  chicken island, Poda island and the mainland of Ao nang,Krabi.

rubber tree farmers


Guests can arrange fishing trips, try rubber tree cutting, fruit and soap carving and for the adventurous, a trek up the mountain( at 470m) behind the resort to witness breathtaking views.



longatil boat for hire


Koh Jum / Koh Pu is a small island situated between Koh Lanta and Krabi town. Whilst the southern end of the island is known as Koh Jum (‘Jum Island’), the northern part bears the entirely different name Koh Pu (‘Pu Island’). This means that when people journey from one ‘island’ to another, they do so on foot. Maybe the people who named the two ‘islands’ can be excused for implying that you can walk on water here as this place feels like a tranquil slice of heaven on earth, and one where it is not unimaginable that natural laws could be transcended.


The western coast is studded with six beaches whose yellowish sand may be judged by connoisseurs to be lackluster compared with the blindingly white powder sands of Railay’s Phra Nang beach but, in marked contrast to Phra Nang beach, Koh Jum’s beaches never get crowded.

The often sublime sunsets on these beaches are an added bonus of staying here, with Koh Phi Phi’s steep limestone cliffs set against the orange sun.

For such a lovely and unspoiled island, Koh Jum / Koh Phu is surprisingly easy to get to, via a short boat-ride from Krabi Town or Koh Lanta.

The low visitor density, plus the ease of access from Krabi airport, currently make Koh Jum southern Thailand’s most accessible hideaway island, and one which we highly recommend. This number one ranking does not look set to last, as with the island’s connection to the national power grid big developers are moving in, so visitors who like hideaway islands are advised to go there soon, before the hordes descend.


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Snorkelling trips to Bamboo Island take half a day and are easily arranged after arrival on the island. There’s not much to do on Koh Pu beyond a bit of snorkelling, walking and sun-worshipping, and the island has no noteworthy attractions. For the many travellers who make an annual sun-worshipping pilgrimage here, however, that’s exactly the way they like it – with no pressure to get active, there’s no need to make an effort to be ‘on holiday’.

This is a great place for the stressed  to do their health a favour by changing down a gear or four. Allow your heart to beat more slowly for a while and your mind to drift. Live in the present, and you may suddenly be struck by the realization of how lucky you are to be right here, right now.