Banyan Terrest.



Stunning vista from Banyan Bay’s restaurant.

Banyan Bays restaurant is a Thai food heaven; a sensational culinary journey and taste experience that is unrivaled and guaranteed to delight your taste buds!  The unique and exotic flavours of  Thai seafood cuisine are always a highlight of any visit to the Kingdom and Ko Pu.  We carry Fresh Crabs and Lobsters. Imported wines  and WIFI free for guests

Rob said:

Very impressed with its ambiance at the beginning. Then more impressed with the food. Got more impressed with the price. Was really worth it!-

Mary said:

It is a mix of great food, good people and a great location….right on the hill if you wish or back within a shady mix of trees and greenery that’s a pleasure to visit.



Prices range 150 b  to 200 b  for Breakfast.  Other meals from 200 B. to 900 B.

Please note: We accept cash only Thai Baht. There are no banks or ATMs on  Koh Pu / Koh Jum.  The closest Atm is on Koh Phi Phi. Thank you!